Air General Cargo Relief Effort for Haiti


Air General, along with it's partnerships with JetBlue Airways Cargo, and AeroNex Cargo helped coordinate and facilitate humanitarian relief during the earthquake crisis in Haiti. As a result of the earthquake tragedy in Haiti, Air General and AeroNex Cargo have been asked by JetBlue to assist in their efforts to send relief supplies to Haiti.

JetBlue together with Aeronex Cargo & Air General, took the initiative to send an emergency flight from FLL to PAP with relief supplies on August 15th  as part of a humanitarian effort and solidarity with Haiti to assist them with some relief supplies. 

Air General is very proud of the handling job it's team in Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) airport did, led by Station Manager Dwayne West. Air General facilitated the successful booking and ground handling for tons of relief supplies bound for Haiti onboard a JetBlue flight. Supplies included food, food containers, and cooking supplies among other items.


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