Air General Customer Excellence Award to Rose Crawford - CL2


Air General Customer Excellence Award to Rose Crawford - Charlotte, NC (CLT/CL2) Southwest


"Always a smile on her face, kind hearted, hard work, determination and a can-do attitude."

Those words describe our CL2 Station Supervisor, Rose Crawford. A recent customer compliment even described Rose as having a “Warrior Spirit”, I couldn’t agree more. Rose first joined Air General August 2006. She’s worked at DCA and CLT, and has supervised the CL2 Southwest Airlines operation since it opened December 2018. Rose is adamant about keeping her station clean and organized. She knows her customers, their shipments/commodities and always works to keep them happy. Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, Rose has been working steadily as a one-woman show.

Of course she’s had some assistance from one or two part-time employees, here and there. She runs the most efficient station within Air General, operating at 1.75 FTE’s. Here are her numbers:

Rose is receiving the Air General Customer Excellence Award, and has received the Air General Pat on the Back Award, as well as recognition from Southwest Airlines. Help me in congratulating Miss Rose!

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