Air General Reduces Employee Turnover by Using SAP Litmos


Air General is a cargo handler in operation since 1961. With 30 US locations and more than a thousand employees, the company conducts comprehensive air and ocean cargo handling with the mission to seek and nurture long-term customer relationships.

Given the importance of regulatory compliance in the aviation industry, Air General relies on SAP Litmos to deliver training for new hires as well as ongoing learning for its teams. The Litmos platform enabled the company to automate training programs that were formerly managed manually in spreadsheets and slide decks.

The company cites the SAP Litmos learning platform as the driver behind improvements in its employee base and a significant reduction in employee turnover.

“When Litmos came to us and we started developing a strong course base for our new hires, the learning process became much stronger, the employee became stronger, and our turnover has greatly decreased basically because of the amount of training we’ve done in Litmos.” - Timothy Cotter - Training and Compliance Manager, Air General.

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