Air General Safety Milestones


Team Nashville- BNA has hit another amazing safety milestone: 18 years without a recordable injury. Mike Hall and his team has shown that with focus and team work, an injury free workplace is possible. Way to go Mike and the whole BNA Team! You make us proud.

Another notable safety milestone comes from CLT. With almost 190 employees, accruing anytime without an injury can be a challenge. This was a challenge that the CLT team was up for. It was no small feat for them to hit a full quarter without an injury. The forth quarter of 2019 proved to be a milestone for our largest station. Willie Barr came up from TP2 to handle the safety manager position.

Surrounded by a dedicated management team, Willie and the CLT team have made amazing strides. To put what it means in perspective: The CLT crew had worked 83,906 hours without an injury. It would take an average sized station like MCO with 30 employees (who worked 15,652 in the same quarter) over a year to work that many hours without an injury.

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