Air General Women in Leadership


We are very pleased to announce that Susan Parks, Regional Manager Compliance (Photo Above) started a new and exciting project : Air General Women in Leadership.

Her vision to moving leadership to the future is to ignite the potential of many women in our company. The scope of this project is to balance coaching, mentoring, professional development and performance improvement for all Air General women looking to succeed in this industry.

Some AG Demographic Data:

  • 18 women in managerial positions currently
  • 6 COR women in manager or above positions
    -25% COR roles manager or above are women
  • 9 Station Managers, 9 Ops Managers
    -50% overall managerial positions are women
    -43% Station Managers are women
    -60% Ops Managers are women

Excerpts from Susan's Presentation:

Female leadership matters. At the heart of this project there are a few major leadership goals like creating stronger team players, increasing performance management, developing strategic thinking, delegation and communication skills.

How mentoring can benefit female leaders:

Change Perceptions
More frequent feedback and recognition from a mentor will boost confidence and help women advance into leadership positions.

Boost Career Ambitions
Mentoring programs can give some women the push that is needed to see their full potential. Must set their career development goals and be accountable for making sure they stay on track.

Gain Confidence
Mentors provide confidence through improved skills and seeing their achievements.

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