AS Start Up In MCI


The staff received their AS training the week prior and they hit the road running to learn the “in’s and out’s” of this new business. Thanks go out to Misty Maonis IND, who was at the MCI station to assist with the AS OJT training piece and to support the new operation.

They started off with mostly inbound shipments and have progressed to some regular daily shipments and AVI’s as was expected.

Jeff also wanted to express a Special Recognition and Thank You to Tony, Daja, Latroya, Jasmine, Toi, Angel, Ben and JR who make up the new AS Team in MCI. Their hard work and dedication to make this startup a success is greatly APPRECIATED!

Kudos to Jeff Eddy and his entire MCI Team on a successful start up with AS and we wish them well with this new addition to their UA and DL accounts.

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