Congratulations To STL On Their American Airlines Cargo Cup Award!


Air General is pleased to congratulate our entire team in STL on their prestigious award of the American Airlines Cargo Cup for the Third Quarter!

When Station Manager Chris Jones was asked what best practices he and his team used to achieve this award he said:

  1. Make SURE that we show an item “On Hand” or “IP” or “Available” as soon as we get it in the building.
  2. Make SURE that we have everything to the ramp for loading a minimum of 60 mins out from flight departure.
  3. Make SURE to have developed and continue to develop our relationship with our AA ramp counterparts.
  4. Never and I mean NEVER give up. Keep chipping away at those numbers. Every little tiny bit helps!
  5. Repeat all of the above steps EVERY DAY!!!

These fundamentals not only apply to AA, but all of Air General’s airline customers. Employing these best practices and fundamentals ensure our all of our operations shine that much more.

Air General is very proud of our team in STL, led by Station Manager Chris Jones, and extremely grateful for the very significant efforts that make this achievement possible.

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