Employee Profile - Charles Duncan (PAX)


"My life is about care and quality” – this is Charles Duncan’s mantra. Charles is one of the most senior Air General Traveler Greeters and just celebrated his 5th anniversary with the company. Charles has a long, storied career in the hospitality industry - a great background to the Greeter program. He worked as a management consultant and senior analyst and eventually moved to the airline industry, where he spent many years in various roles, where he honed his professionalism and expertise in customer service.

This background, from check-in and departures roles, to turnround coordinator and lounge duty, helped Charles perfect his skills and gave him the experience to handle any situation and providing a sense of calm and trust in the travelers.

Charles offers a tale where he looked after a group of 15 travelers, five of them requiring wheelchairs, and the flight was ultimately delayed over four hours. Taking a moment to pause and reflect on priorities, he took charge and managed the group and their 23 pieces of luggage. Thanks to Charles’ experience in dealing with flight cancellations and delays, he sorted out the group’s new travel plans, including coordinating with other family members set to meet them and stayed with the group for the entire time, ensuring their well-being and doing everything he could to complete their journey. About Air General, Charles says “ it’s a family that agrees to cooperate to protect the customer’s journey and they feel welcome to come back”.

Air General Traveler is founded on years of airline experience, from face to face onboard interactions to airline management. The Greeters provide a meet and greet concierge service for travelers at many airports and train stations throughout the US. The travelers who take advantage of the program either want privacy or are business people who want to expedite through the terminal, but there are also those who require a bit more assistance with navigating the airport, help with luggage or language skills, or just want to be met and escorted through the airport experience.

In this era of social distancing, extra precautions, and required PPE, Air General is doing everything possible to ensure the traveler’s safety, by wearing masks and having hand sanitizers, to offering bags, sanitizing wipes and foot coverings. Some travelers may be nervous and need that extra help and Air General is there for them. “Air General is building a reputation for service that people admire and respect”, Charles says. We are here for them.

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