Hurricane Ida Impacts Air General New Orleans


Ida caused widespread destruction especially from extreme winds and flooding. Over 800,000 people were without power for several days. Over 200,000 people are still without power. All areas are under boil orders as water pressure is very low.

Several of our MSY staff have suffered extensive damage to their homes. Some of the staff are still evacuated while others are staying with relatives nearby.

Our MSY facility has roof damage and 2 blown in AOA side doors (the roof was repaired a couple months ago from a previous hurricane, Zeta in late October 2020).

Jason Bruno (MSY CSM) and Eric Joseph (RM) remained in the area along with 4 other staff. Both kept in contact will the staff as best as they could in light of no power and almost no cell phone service. At times only text messages were available. They are still dealing with harsh conditions that include lack of drinking water, food and gas shortages. Kudos to Eric and Jason for staying calm and looking after the staff plus keeping Home Office informed. Thank you to Gerard Donias (Dir Ops) for organizing a relief run from IAH. This contained essentials such as water, food, toiletries, baby needs and gasoline. The relief run arrived at our MSY facility on 2 September.

A huge thank you to our IAH staff for helping with the relief run and especially Lee Gallardo and Victor Gallardo for transporting the relief run supplies.

Eric and Jason are still helping the staff and working with the landlord on building cleanup and restoration.

Several of our staff are still having to deal with adverse living conditions at home because of damage to their homes.

On 3 September, the President and the New Orleans Mayor visited MSY. During the visit they talked to some of the airport businesses. Eric had a discussion with the Mayor to share what we are going through (picture above).

A former Air General MSY employee, Jabbari Taylor, is now a Deputy Director on the Mayor’s staff and also talked to Eric.

As of 9 September, we are waiting to hear when we can restart operations at MSY and especially how soon our folks will see their homes restored.

Please keep our MSY staff in your thoughts and prayers!

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