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As we look back at 2020, everyone can agree to say it was a tough year. The MSY station endured so many obstacles, short staffing, low volumes, high mail volumes, higher call-outs, and disastrous storms. But talk about team spirit and unity.

Never in my 20-year aviation career have I encountered such spirit and passion for the industry plus pride of their station displayed by the MSY/MS2 team. Just when you thought you have gone through the worst during the unknown charters of COVID, they get hit with powerful hurricanes. The impact of the storms left our employees and facility without power.

Their homes and the MSY facility were heavily damaged by the powerful winds. The unimaginable damage to our facility left you without words to describe it. But the light inside of each employee shined strong. They came together to help each other, not just at their homes but at work also. They came into the building to see what they could do to get us back in business.

Jason, Averyll, and Eric Joseph along with the brave MSY teams worked so many hours and days to get our operation back up. With the severe damage to MSY, they came together and integrated the MSY operation into the MS2 operation. Jason's leadership, passion and drive successfully had the operation back and running within a week. It was his drive and the Air General spirit of every employee to let our partners know that we do it the Air General way, (no matter the obstacle we will deliver).

On 02/15/21, nearly 4 months after the hurricane, our MSY facility was back in business and stronger than ever. Our teams once again worked long hours to get us back home. Thank you to all for a wonderfully smooth transition and for your hard work and dedication.

Welcome Home!

By: Gerard Donias, Director of Operations - COR

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