Stellar Customer Service: Kudos To Our Team In MSP!


Message submitted by Stephanie Clifton, AA Compliance Coordinator:

"I want to give a big shout out to Amanda, Kue, and Cindy as these fine ladies went above and beyond to help a sweet PPS dog that did not get picked up by the elderly owners before AG closed for the night on Tuesday.

Amanda worked diligently to track down the owners who seemed to have gotten lost and then had a health issue that kept them from picking up the dog. She showed great compassion and care towards the owners well being and seeing that the dog was walked, fed, and watered Tuesday night. Cindy and Kue worked yesterday morning and also took great care and even gave the dog a bath! [The designee was very impressed with that extra touch.]

I was at cargo, conducting the monthly audit when the owners designee finally arrived to pick up the dog. He was so grateful and could not thank the team enough for all that they did for this sweet pooch. He insisted on taking their picture and even brought them cookies.

Thank you Air General for all that you do!"

With gratitude,
Stephanie Clifton
MSP AA Compliance Coordinator

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