Team work makes the dream work in Denver (DEN)


By: Debra Ransom, General Manager- DEN

I wanted to send over a summary of the charter from this morning, 2/19/2020. The B747 arrived at DEN at approximately 0135. The Ramp unloaded and had all 39 pallets down here to the facility by 0430 this morning when I arrived. Our warehouse team came in at 0500 and started the breakdown.

We had 3 employees helping: Faisal Daoud, Frank Willems, and Mike Sargent. They had all 39 pallets broken down in 2.5 hours! The first three of six trucks arrived at 0730. We had them loaded and out of the facility by 0845, utilizing the two import dock doors. They returned in four hours to finish up the remaining 80 crates. Thank you, Andy Reeves for your help in putting things together so quickly when I received the initial invitation to bid the business!

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