United Airlines Partners with Air General to Operate in Five New Cities


Over the past several months United Cargo has awarded cargo handling contracts to Air General in FLL, MSP, CLE, MCI and AUS. Air General assumed the FLL operation on October 15th, 2012 providing Air Canada with service in that city as well. A very successful start-up in MSP followed, which also included US Airways. Air General handles American Airlines company mail in MSP as well.

Air General opened CLE, a former Continental Airlines hub, on February 25th. Customer feedback about the smooth transition has been extremely positive. The same smooth and seamless transition was repeated for the grand opening of Kansas City (MCI) on April 1. Air General also represents Delta Cargo, US Airways, Frontier Airlines and Alaska Airways in MCI. Most recently, Air General opened the third Texas location, AUS, in June 17th for UA and will add JetBlue at the end of July.

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