FLL Get’s Brand New Facility

Published March 23, 2016    Tagged: Air Cargo, Domestic, New Facility


Finally in Fort Lauderdale!

A huge sigh of relief has been breathed by FLL Station Manager Jaclyn Guerasio, Regional Director Ken Coleman, the entire Air General staff in FLL and by the home office team as well!

In early March, the Florida team moved into their brand new space at 1800 SW 34th Street more than one year after we first started negotiating with our new landlord.

After a long and arduous journey Jaclyn and Ken can be proud of their achievement, and we in the home office are equally proud of their staff who kept the business going with excellent customer service results while the managers attended meeting after meeting, and conference call after conference call!

So for now we operate in our own Air General facility in which we handle American Airlines and Air Canada. Our building is bigger and better!!

Air General Managers Meeting

Published March 18, 2016    Tagged: Corporate, Social Responsibility

The entire Air General Home Office and Station Manager Team

In March of this year, Air General finally had it’s first Manager meeting since 2011! The event was held in Orlando, FL and was attended by all from the Home Office as well as all our Station Managers. This event was critical do getting our managers to finally meet one another, network and socialize but also was an opportunity to exchange ideas on how to better Air General as whole and provide team building.

The event began with presentations from Chairman Robert Maloney Jr, President Patrick Maloney, VP of Business Development Donna Blanchard and VP of Operations Paul Siebols. Director of Operations Frank Keller and Manager of Training Compliance Tim Cotter followed up with a series of team building exercises and workshops on HR, finance/accounting and security best practices, as well as group exercises that focused on eliminating barriers to success.

On the final day the entire team of more than 50 from Air General helped the Osceola County Habitat for Humanity organization by assisting the group in two locations, one at a home that was recently built where our team braved the summer heat to paint and clean the new house, and the other team helped a local business clean out their warehouse, paint, and organize.

Overall this was a very successful event, and all of us at Air General are very proud of the participation of our managers and the thoughtful feedback we received throughout the event.

We are looking forward to holding this event again in another year or so and look forward to seeing more new faces at the next Managers Meeting!