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Air General Video Series

Published February 23, 2017    Tagged: Air Cargo, Air Cargo Security, Domestic, International, Laws and Legislations, Ocean Cargo, Social Responsibility

Air General is pleased to announce the launch of our in-depth video series that showcases our vast array of cargo handling and other services, as well as the incredible employees who make Air General so unique. 

The film crew did an outstanding job to capture key cargo operations throughout the Air General network including CLT, IAD, DEN, IAH, and DFW. With their extensive background as Journalists for NY Times, CBS, and NPR among others, we are pleased with what they have put together.

The main video is an overall look at Air General, the services we offer and our outstanding employees. 

Air General Company Profile

We also have an ongoing employee spotlight series showcasing the dedication, attention to detail and customer service that all of you have come to expect of Air General’s people.

Employee Spotlight Profile: Ali Alawi, Manager, Quality Assurance, Air General Corporate

Employee Spotlight Profile: Dylan Zimmer, Warehouse Agent, Dallas/Fort Worth

Employee Spotlight Profile: Charles White, General Manager, Charlotte

The videos will be made available on our Air General website and via our company YouTube page. We invite you to watch these videos and share them with your colleagues.

Lufthansa and Air General Grow Partnership in DFW

Published November 13, 2013    Tagged: Air Cargo, Air Cargo Security, International, Lufthansa, New Customer

On December 1, 2013 Air General will take responsibility for the entire warehouse operation including the property lease for Lufthansa Cargo.  Included in this arrangement will be back office and security screening, as well as cargo flight security for LH and their customer Qantas.

Air General has managed the British Airways Cargo operation in DFW for the past 30 years.  On December 1st both the BA and Avianca operations will move over to the present LH facility where Air General will handle all four airlines.

DFW cuts over to AG Security on June 17, 2013

Published June 17, 2013    Tagged: Air Cargo Security, Startup

DFW became the fifth station to cutover to Air General security on June 17th.  This is a fabulous additional benefit for our customers, providing once-stop shopping in the warehouse with a separate and uniquely- uniformed AG team who do not build or break freight, but only work on security screening.  Each interested airline must formally review and accept our screening training prior to coming on board with this service.

According to Jeff Lyter, our Director of Safety & Security Compliance, the first station opened for AG Security was Charlotte in November of 2011.  Charlotte was chosen because Air General manages the entire cargo operation for US in this hub city.

Since then we have cutover to AG Security at the following locations:
TPA Nov 2012, MCO Nov 2012, IAH May 2013, DFW June 2013, DEN July 2013

Air General Security Launches

Published November 11, 2011    Tagged: Air Cargo Security, Startup

Air General successfully launched AG Security, a division of Air General dedicated to Air Cargo Security. AG Security is designed to take ownership of the Air Carrier security screening needs. Responding to our customer’s request, US Airways in Charlotte was the launch client for AG Security.

Jeff Lyter, Air General’s Security Director, spent many months designing and producing AG Security X-Ray training in conjunction with our consultant from US Testing, and the TSA approved the training in October 2011. AG Security staff are identifiable by their separate smart red uniforms, and operate and are supervised completely independently from the normal cargo warehouse operation.