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Ken Coleman Promoted to Director of Operations

Published January 10, 2017    Tagged: Compliance, Corporate, Promotions And New Hires

Ken Coleman
It is with great pleasure that we announce the promotion of Kenneth J. Coleman Jr. to the position of Director of Operations. Ken will start his new role on Monday January 9th, 2017

Ken has been with Air General in a leadership position since his very first day in 1997. He started out in Miami running a complicated Ocean Operations “Pioneer General”.  He next managed Tampa, then ran our large Charlotte Hub city for a number of years, and has more recently excelled as our Regional Field Director for the South Region. He brings with him wealth of experience in all aspects of Air General’s system-wide operations. 

Prior to joining Air General he was involved in multiple interesting and challenging positions, in the CTL Shipping Line where he served duty as Port Captain, and also for a time as 3rd Officer for the M/V Phoenix Spirit. He was a Country Manager in Guatemala  - he briefly owned his own Trucking company Case Transport and he has built up a very solid background in air and ocean operations. To his credit, he also helped to mastermind the Amazon start up in Tampa - where things went so well, that we were quickly awarded Allentown as a thank you gift.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Ken to his new promotion, and supporting him in all his new and exciting endeavors. 

Frank Keller Promoted to VP Compliance

Published September 26, 2016    Tagged: Compliance, Corporate, Promotions And New Hires

Frank Keller
Please join us in congratulating Frank Keller on his promotion to VP Compliance! Frank joined Air General in 1999 as Assistant Director of Operations. At the time there were just three people running the entire companies operations. There are now 14 tremendously talented people working in the Home Office Operations and Compliance teams. The time was right to add our third Vice President to the company to head up the growing Compliance department and company.

As Director of Operations Frank helped Air General through many challenges, successes and significant growth over his 17 year career. His dedication to the company, creativity in solving problems, attention to detail and his unwavering support for employees and managers are just some of the reasons he has been selected for this important new role.

Initially the Compliance team will include Jeff Lyter Director Safety & Security Compliance, Chris Kubasko Manager Security Compliance, Tim Cotter Manager Training Compliance, Duncan Cobourne Manager Safety Compliance and Dennis Franco Manager DG Compliance. The team has already had their first group discussion and they are off to a great start.

Best of luck Frank, we know you will do great things in this role.

Terry Hennessey Promoted To Manager Of Facilities & Implementations

Published September 19, 2016    Tagged: Air Cargo, Compliance, Corporate, Promotions And New Hires

Air General is pleased to announce that Terry Hennessey, General Manager DFW will take on the new role of Manager Facilities & Implementations.

Terry joined Air General in July 2014 and since becoming General Manager in DFW has streamlined the operation, reduced cost and led his team to produce an outstanding service to British Airways, Lufthansa and Qantas.

Before joining Air General Terry spent 32 years at British Airways in various roles including Customer Service Manager Cargo JFK and Director Customer Service Ramp & Passenger Service at JFK. His most recent role prior to joining Air General was Deputy Airport Commissioner for the Town of Islip on Long Island, NY.

In his new assignment Terry will manage property leases, coordinate large scale equipment purchases and plan for future facility, equipment and property requirements. He will support Finance with equipment purchase research and Operations with new station openings but primarily Terry will become part of the Business Development Team as we continue to grow and expand our business, our airline contracts and our property portfolio.

Sincere congratulations to Terry!