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Golden retrievers rescued from Turkey look for new homes in Colorado

Published June 6, 2016    Tagged: Air Cargo, Corporate, In The Media, International, Social Responsibility


Air General’s DEN Station in the news for helping Lufthansa!

In June, a group of volunteers from “Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies” helped get 18 Golden Retrievers rescued from Turkey. They were flown in from Istanbul, Turkey to Frankfort then to Denver on-board Lufthansa and Air General was their to help unite the dogs with their new owners!

Air General couldn’t be more proud about how well our Denver team showed their professionalism, it is also nice to see Fox31 News in Denver get some great shots of our facility and people!

See the article here

Air General Featured In Ground Handling International

Published June 22, 2015    Tagged: Air Cargo, Corporate, In The Media

In April of 2015, Air General was profiled by the world-class publication, Ground Handling International, for an article on the analysis of the cargo handling market in the US and Canada. Specifically, Air General was analyzed on our recent leadership change, US/AA Integrations, our employee growth of 337 staff in 2009 to over 700 to date, and the rapid growth of network of stations and airlines handled.

You can read the full article here Page 19-22:

Source: The Airports Publishing Network Ltd - Ground Handling International Magazine