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Air General adds Southwest and Norwegian Contracts This Fall

Published August 16, 2017    Tagged: Air Cargo, Domestic, International, New Customer


Air General is pleased to announce the awarding of two contracts for cargo handling to start in the fall of 2017.

The first is to announce that Southwest Airlines has awarded Air General a new cargo handling location at Washington-Dulles international Airport, joining our 2nd IAD facility that currently handles British Airways, Aer Lingus and Royal Air Maroc!

Our second contract is with Norwegian Airlines to be handled in Denver, CO at Denver-International Airport! The Norwegian schedule into DEN will begin in September and they will have two weekly flights between Denver and London Gatwick Airport on Tuesdays and Saturdays, operated by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

MSY becomes our 9th BA station!

Published February 24, 2017    Tagged: Air Cargo, International


British Airways has awarded us their newest city, MSY, the first flight is March 27th!

More news to follow! Congratulations to MSY Station Manager Eric Joseph and the entire MSY team!!

Air General Video Series

Published February 23, 2017    Tagged: Air Cargo, Air Cargo Security, Domestic, International, Laws and Legislations, Ocean Cargo, Social Responsibility

Air General is pleased to announce the launch of our in-depth video series that showcases our vast array of cargo handling and other services, as well as the incredible employees who make Air General so unique. 

The film crew did an outstanding job to capture key cargo operations throughout the Air General network including CLT, IAD, DEN, IAH, and DFW. With their extensive background as Journalists for NY Times, CBS, and NPR among others, we are pleased with what they have put together.

The main video is an overall look at Air General, the services we offer and our outstanding employees. 

Air General Company Profile

We also have an ongoing employee spotlight series showcasing the dedication, attention to detail and customer service that all of you have come to expect of Air General’s people.

Employee Spotlight Profile: Ali Alawi, Manager, Quality Assurance, Air General Corporate

Employee Spotlight Profile: Dylan Zimmer, Warehouse Agent, Dallas/Fort Worth

Employee Spotlight Profile: Charles White, General Manager, Charlotte

The videos will be made available on our Air General website and via our company YouTube page. We invite you to watch these videos and share them with your colleagues.

Major Moraccan Milestones

Published January 27, 2017    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, Royal Air Maroc, New Customer, Startup

Royal Air Maroc’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners now flying to Washington

On January 27th, 2017, Morocco celebrated their reintegration to the African Union as an opportunity for greater trade with other African countries. This trade however represents a small percentage of Morocco’s overall foreign trade.

Much of this foreign trade takes place with the USA, and on Friday Air General began handling cargo for Royal Air Maroc into WashingtonDulles.

Their 787 aircraft which will operate to IAD three times weekly has the potential to draw traffic to our warehouse in IAD which used to be trucked to ATL. This is good news for Air General because this is the first African carrier we can count among our current airline clients.

The additional of Royal Air Maroc brings the number of airlines we service to 22.

Thanks to IAD’s management team of Danny and Hicham and Regional Director Gabe Rodriguez for all their efforts to help the only Royal Air Maroc Manager in the USA, who is based in JFK, to get the airline set up for an air cargo operation. They basically set it up for him!!

Air General Wins American Airlines Cargo Cup for Q2 & Q3 2016

Published November 11, 2016    Tagged: Air Cargo, Awards, Domestic, American Airlines, International

Cargo Cup
Pictured Above (Left): Air Generals Corporate team with CLT Managers
Pictured Above (Right): CLT GM Charles White receives the cargo cup trophy from American Airlines Vice President of Cargo David Vance

American Airlines, which is Air General’s largest customer, has awarded Air General it’s American Airlines Cargo Cup Award for Q2 2016 to CLT (Best Large Station Winner) and to FLL for Q3 2016 (U.S./ Canadian Winner)!

The Cargo Cup Award is given out each quarter to a selection of outstanding teams who are being recognized for their extraordinary efforts in helping American Airlines work toward being the preferred choice in air cargo. This is an outstanding accomplishment for Air General, as the American Airlines Cargo network encompasses over a hundred stations throughout the US, which makes this very special to be chosen.

This is the second time Air General’s CLT station has won this prestigious award, last time it had one for the Q4 2014 period. FLL has won it’s first (of we hope many!) cargo cup award from AA, and we couldn’t be more proud of that team as they also just opened their new facility for AA at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport. This is also the second time Air General has had back-to-back wins for the cargo cup, in 2014 Air General won Q3 for STL and Q4 for CLT.

Congratulations to the entire cargo teams in CLT and FLL for this amazing achievement!

Aer Lingus Joins BA in IAD

Published September 1, 2016    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, Aer Lingus, IAG Cargo, New Customer, Startup

Pictured Above From Left To Right:
James Maloney, Project Manager, Air General; Jason Maloney, Videographer; Hicham Inezli, Station Manager, Air General IAB

Congratulations to the IAB team who began handling Aer Lingus in Washington Dulles International Airport yesterday, August 29, 2016.

Erick Lynch, Area Customer Service Manager for IAG Cargo was thrilled to have Air General as their new cargo handling partner in IAD. Erick said, “Air General’s professionalism and consistency in meeting the customer’s needs, is a perfect matchup with Aer Lingus”.

We’d like to thank all of the supporting staff who helped make this startup a success, especially MCO’s Daniel Watson and Brian Williams who trained our staff & John Dovalis, who allowed them to come to IAD, and of course IAB’s Station Manager, Hicham Inezli, IAB’s Operations Manager, Dany Ghattas for their dedication to meeting the customer’s needs

Golden retrievers rescued from Turkey look for new homes in Colorado

Published June 6, 2016    Tagged: Air Cargo, Corporate, In The Media, International, Social Responsibility


Air General’s DEN Station in the news for helping Lufthansa!

In June, a group of volunteers from “Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies” helped get 18 Golden Retrievers rescued from Turkey. They were flown in from Istanbul, Turkey to Frankfort then to Denver on-board Lufthansa and Air General was their to help unite the dogs with their new owners!

Air General couldn’t be more proud about how well our Denver team showed their professionalism, it is also nice to see Fox31 News in Denver get some great shots of our facility and people!

See the article here

Air General Welcomes Copa Airlines in MSY

Published June 1, 2016    Tagged: Air Cargo, Domestic, International, Copa


Air General is happy to announce that MSY has begun handling Copa Airlines!

Eric Joseph and his team in MSY have been anticipating the Copa Airlines startup for nearly a year! We expect to handle four 737800s each week with about 8 tonnes of import & export traffic per flight, back and forth to Panama City.

MCO Staff Appreciation Day

Published January 19, 2016    Tagged: Air Cargo, Awards, Corporate, Domestic, International, Social Responsibility


MCO held it’s Staff Appreciation day just this past winter, led by John Dovalis and Kim Aiello, MCO celebrated all the hard work that the MCO team has been doing over these many years. We are all very proud of the hard work MCO has done to remain one of the longest running stations in Air General’s history.

Congratulations MCO! Thank you from all of us at Air General for your commitment to excellent customer service!

Air General BA Managers In London

Published January 11, 2016    Tagged: Air Cargo, Corporate, International, Aer Lingus, British Airways, IAG Cargo, Iberia

BA Managers
Air General with British Airways Cargo Managers at the Acentis facility at London-Heathrow

As many of you know, Air General has 8 British Airways/IAG Cargo operations (AUS, DEN, DFW, IAH, IAD, ORD, MCO and TPA), which is more than half of the 15 total US destinations that BA operates in.

As such, BA recognized how critical we are in the US market so they invited all our BA station managers as well as several others from the Home Office out to London for a ground handling review.

This was an excellent opportunity for Air General and it’s managers to meet with key people from BA’s London based team. They also had a bit of fun touring London and visiting BA’s massive cargo hub at London-Heathrow Airport (LHR) as well as BA’s Ascentis cargo facility.

Air New Zealand Joins Air General in Houston, TX (IAH)

Published November 30, 2015    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, Air New Zealand, New Customer, Startup

In August of this year, Air General was awarded it’s first cargo handling contract for Air New Zealand Cargo. The operation will take place in Air General’s IAH facility later this fall.

Air General is also pleased to announce that former AUB Station Manager Justin Muckelroy will head back to Houston to manage the new Air New Zealand account!

The Boeing 777-200 operates five days weekly from Houston to Auckland.

Air General Expands IAG Cargo/British Airways In Dulles

Published September 28, 2015    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, British Airways, IAG Cargo, New Facility, Startup

Air General Grows In Washington, DC (IAD) With Addition Of British Airways

Air General is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the ground handling contract for British Airways (IAG Cargo) in Washington, DC at Dulles International Airport (IAD).

On September 28th, Regional Director Gabe Rodriguez and a transition team made up of Air General professionals from IAH, AUS, ORD, CLT and many other locations and disciplines inaugurated the 8th British Airways station in our network.

Air General has handled British Airways cargo for over 30 years. Currently we look after their business in DEN, ORD, DFW, IAH, AUS, TPA and MCO in addition to IAD.

The two daily Boeing widebody flights will be handled in Cargo Building Three where BA handled their own cargo with their own employees until 2008 when the work was subcontracted.

IAD joins DFW, AUS, IAH, ORD, DEN, MCO and TPA in handling British Airways for Air General. We look forward to seeing the start up later this month and are extremely proud of the contributions that Gabe Rodriguez, Donna Blanchard, Paul Siebols, Roger Muckelroy and Ricky Canes have put forth so far to make this dream station a reality.

Air General Adds Lufthansa Cargo Operation To Tampa, FL (TPA) Location

Published September 27, 2015    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, Lufthansa, New Customer, Startup

Air General continues to grow in TPA and with Lufthansa. TPA joins CLT, DFW, and DEN in adding Lufthansa Cargo operations for Air General.

On September 25th, Air General had an extremely successful start up of our new Lufthansa Cargo handling operation in Tampa, FL (TPA). Thanks in large part to the countless hours of preparation that have been undertaken by Regional Field Director-South, Ken Coleman, TPA General Manager Rick McGiveney, as well as various Lufthansa experts from our CLT, DFW and DEN stations.

The A340 300 first flight arrived on time, and was welcomed into Tampa by the traditional water cannon greeting all new flights are privileged to experience.

The first outbound flight departed with a respectable cargo load of four pallets, capably built by the new Tampa team with plenty of support from our seasoned Tampa crew, some new staff, and several Lufthansa personnel for on site support.

Lufthansa will operate five flights a week into Tampa, but they do have a longer term goal to operate daily as they expand in the very popular Florida market.

Lufthansa is a key account with Air General, and we know that TPA can handle the challenge of adding an 11th airline to it’s roster!

WestJet Chooses Air General in ORD

Published April 28, 2014    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, Westjet, New Customer, Startup

WestJet and Air General partner to open WestJet’s newest US destination, Chicago O’Hare. This is the first cargo handling partnership between Air General and WestJet. We are happy to welcome them to the Windy City! WestJet is the second airline to move to Air General in ORD following Aer Lingus earlier this month.

British Airways Chooses Air General to Handle Cargo in Austin

Published March 3, 2014    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, British Airways, IAG Cargo, New Customer, New Facility, Startup


On the Ides of March (March 3rd) British Airways opened their first new airport operation in the USA in several years, when their Boeing 787 Dreamliner touched down five minutes early in Austin, TX.

Air General was selected as the cargo handling agent for this new BA station and on the first day we accepted 14,821 kilos of freight plus three animals for the departure.
Our new cargo facility in AUS is our second in this airport. We currently handle United Airlines Cargo, JetBlue and Alaska Airlines cargo in our first facility.

Copa Airlines brings Air General “south of the border”

Published December 20, 2013    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, Copa, New Customer, Startup

On December 16th COPA Airlines started service between Tampa, FL and Panama City and chose Air General to handle their air cargo requirements. A member of the Star Alliance, Copa Airlines is based in Panama City and serves as the flagship carrier for Panama. It is one of the fastest growing companies in Panama, and Air General is pleased to welcome COPA to the Air General family.

Lufthansa and Air General Grow Partnership in DFW

Published November 13, 2013    Tagged: Air Cargo, Air Cargo Security, International, Lufthansa, New Customer

On December 1, 2013 Air General will take responsibility for the entire warehouse operation including the property lease for Lufthansa Cargo.  Included in this arrangement will be back office and security screening, as well as cargo flight security for LH and their customer Qantas.

Air General has managed the British Airways Cargo operation in DFW for the past 30 years.  On December 1st both the BA and Avianca operations will move over to the present LH facility where Air General will handle all four airlines.

AGI Open for Business in MSP with United, US Airways & Frontier; later adds Icelandair & Sun Country

Published January 22, 2013    Tagged: Air Cargo, Domestic, Frontier, Sun Country, United Airlines, US Airways, International, Icelandair, New Customer, New Facility

United Cargo, US Airways and Frontier Airlines transitioned to Air General cargo handling in MSP on January 22nd 2013. Air General is providing cargo services from the former United warehouse as well as providing mail handling services out of the US Postal Service airport facility.  We also handle AA company mail. In June we added our first contracts with Icelandair and Sun Country.  The main commodity imported from Icelandair is fresh fish, which is then transported via Sun Country to other areas of the country.

Qatar Airways Adds Two Freighters into Houston

Published November 2, 2011    Tagged: Air Cargo, Freighter, International, Qatar, New Customer, New Facility

Qatar Airways, the industry renowned 5 star carrier and the fastest expanding airline in the world, added two weekly Boeing 777 freighters into IAH. While capacity is shared with Atlanta, there is plenty of new opportunity for freight forwarders on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the European and Orient markets. There’s no shortage of freight that can be uplifted out of Houston. Qatar Airways parks right behind Air General’s warehouse for a very convenient handling. Houston’s monthly throughput will now exceed 3 million kilos per month.

Air General immediately increased warehouse space, and has agreed to provide segregated office and operations accommodations for Qatar Airways Air General and staff.

Air General Signs Chicago Lease with Aeroterm

Published October 1, 2011    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, New Facility

Air General has taken over the facility lease of 516 Express Center Drive, where we are currently handling British Airways World Cargo.

Formerly held by BA, the lease was taken over by Air General as part of the agreement to terminate BA’s self-handling which was transferred to Air General in March of 2010. BA operates twice daily 777 Passenger flights and two weekly B747 freighters.

Air France starts cargo handling service with Air General in Orlando, FL

Published June 7, 2011    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, Air France, New Customer

Air France has chosen Air General as their air cargo handler in Orlando Florida. Service is set to begin in June 2011. Our team of air cargo professionals in Orlando are some of our most experienced in our system and are excited for the new service to begin. Air General and Air France have worked together in the past and look forward to this new partnership.

British Airways Cargo Awards Chicago to Air General

Published March 15, 2010    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, British Airways, IAG Cargo, Iberia, New Facility, Startup

We are pleased to announce that Air General has been awarded the British Airways cargo handling contract for Chicago. This large cargo operation with three daily 777s and two weekly freighters is a significant addition to our cargo handling business. Chicago is a critical location for British Airways, and we are very pleased that we have been awarded such a busy and cargo driven city. Air General has long been keen to enter the Chicago cargo market, and has long term goals to make Chicago a strong success and a vital cargo hub for Air General.

British Airways Renews All Air General Contracts, System-Wide

Published August 1, 2009    Tagged: Air Cargo, International, British Airways, IAG Cargo

After more than a year of intense negotiations, British Airways has renewed all five cargo handling contracts with Air General. Citing excellent service record, as well as significant savings and cost benefits, British Airways World Cargo once again reaffirms their confidence in Air General by re-awarding all five cities – Dallas, Denver, Houston, Orlando and Tampa.