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US Airways Joins Air General in FLL

Published February 4, 2014    Tagged: Air Cargo, Domestic, US Airways, New Customer, Startup

On February 1 Air General began handling cargo and mail for US Airways in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  FLL becomes the 15th city in which we provide cargo services for the US Airways.  We opened our operation in FLL in October of 2012 when we were awarded the contract to handle United Airlines. Soon after we added Air Canada and now US.

Air General Brings Quality and Experience to Cargo Handling in Kansas City effective April 1, 2013

Published April 1, 2013    Tagged: Air Cargo, Domestic, Alaska Air, Frontier, Sun Country, United Airlines, US Airways, New Customer, New Facility, Startup

Air General is pleased to announce they now provide cargo handling services at Kansas City International Airport (MCI) effective April 1, 2013 for United Cargo, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, US Airways and Delta Airlines.

Since 1961, Air General’s family-owned organization has provided consistently high-quality cargo handling delivered by dedicated people focused on customer service excellence. They look forward to a long and productive partnership in MCI, providing fast, secure and reliable cargo handling service to all their customers.

AGI Open for Business in MSP with United, US Airways & Frontier; later adds Icelandair & Sun Country

Published January 22, 2013    Tagged: Air Cargo, Domestic, Frontier, Sun Country, United Airlines, US Airways, International, Icelandair, New Customer, New Facility

United Cargo, US Airways and Frontier Airlines transitioned to Air General cargo handling in MSP on January 22nd 2013. Air General is providing cargo services from the former United warehouse as well as providing mail handling services out of the US Postal Service airport facility.  We also handle AA company mail. In June we added our first contracts with Icelandair and Sun Country.  The main commodity imported from Icelandair is fresh fish, which is then transported via Sun Country to other areas of the country.

US Airways renews CLT contract with Air General

Published August 1, 2011    Tagged: Air Cargo, Domestic, US Airways

After more than a decade of Cargo, Mail, and Ramp Transfer Handling at Charlotte, Air General was awarded a long term contract renewal by US Airways. Air General has over 125 employees at CLT and this was certainly very good news for all of them.

Charlotte, a critical US Airways Hub, has expanded in the International arena, with almost 30 daily international flights and about 450 domestic.  Under the leadership of General Manager Kenneth J. Coleman Jr. and a very keen leadership team of skilled managers, Charlotte has proudly stayed in the forefront of customer service excellence and federal compliance.