Our Story

Air General is pleased to announce the launch of our in-depth video series that showcases our vast array of cargo handling and other services, as well as the incredible employees who make Air General so unique.

Our film crew did an outstanding job to capture key cargo operations throughout the
Air General network including CLT, IAD, DEN, IAH, and DFW. With their
extensive background as Journalists for NY Times, CBS, NPR and
among others, we are pleased with what they have put together for us.

The main video is an overall look at Air General, the services we offer and our outstanding employees.

Air General

Please view our ongoing employee spotlight series showcasing the dedication, attention to detail and
customer service that you have come to expect from Air General’s people.

Air General - Ali Alawi, Manager, Quality Assurance, Air General Corporate
Air General - Dylan Zimmer, Warehouse Agent, Dallas/Fort Worth
Air General - Charles White, General Manager, Charlotte