Security Services

Sophisticated security technology, skilled employees and
solid procedures help us ensure your cargo is safe to fly.

At our larger locations the cargo screening teams work
independently of our other cargo agents to detect any vulnerabilities
with your shipments so they can focus on cargo security. Our highly
trained personnel use modern technology and equipment in strict
compliance with all TSA requirements. Our training has been developed
with assistance from manufacturers, airlines and the TSA and is
approved by most domestic and international airlines. We also use
individual airline-approved training when requested.

Flight Guarding

Air General provides trained personnel on the ramp and
on the jetbridge to guard freighter and passenger aircraft.

Our screeners form a dedicated unit
and present themselves with a unique uniform and identity.

Air General Security provides dedicated cargo screening, flight guarding,
warehouse services and other security services on- and off-airport

Security Services

  • Highly Trained and Dedicated Personnel
  • Separate Uniform For Staff Assigned To Screening Only
  • Screening Compliant With All TSA, Customs and Other Government Rules and Regulations
  • Current Government Approved Screening Equipment Maintained and Updated Regularly
  • The Most Modern Screening Equipment, Updated Regularly As Required
  • Training of the Highest Standard