Additional Services

Air General offers a host of additional services that support cargo services and our airline and traveler clients.

Security Services

Using modern technology, equipment in strict compliance with TSA requirements, and individual airline-approved training, our cargo screening teams work independently of our other cargo agents to detect any vulnerabilities with your shipments so they can focus on cargo security. To learn more about our highly trained and dedicated personnel, click the button below.

Air General Security Services

Local Pickup & Delivery

At Air General, we offer a wide variety of custom pickup and delivery options to meet any budget. You may also choose to drop off items at one of our nationwide airport warehouse locations. Same-day, next-day and guaranteed delivery services are all available. To learn more about our pickup & delivery services, click the button below.

Air General Local Pickup & Delivery

Passenger Services For Airlines

Whether your airline needs help need help with ticketing, checking into your flight, or assistance with unaccompanied minors or special handling, Air General is here to help. With our passenger services, our goal is to make air travel as comfortable as possible. To learn more about our passenger services, click the button below.

Passenger Services For Airlines

Traveler Concierge

Whether it’s air or sea, business or leisure travel, Air General is devoted to making traveler experiences seamless, safe, and luxurious. In order to achieve this goal, we created traveler services. To learn more about our meet & greet concierge services, click the button below.

Traveler Concierge