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Our commitment to our airline customers is to consistently provide quality cargo handling services by dedicated people who deliver results.

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Quality Cargo Handling Services

Air General is able to attract and retain good people because we recognize we are in the people business. Our customers’ cargo is handled by motivated employees, who want to come to work and do a good job, day after day. We have found that in addition to our excellent benefits and pay that keep our employees loyal and committed, there is also the security of working for a family-owned and family-run company that truly understands and cares about their daily challenges. Since 1961 we have been providing our airline customers with a full range of cargo handling services with complete IT and telecommunication support in your facility or in ours. Air General manages and operates modern and fully equipped air cargo warehouses at 27 US airports. We specialize in both domestic and international air cargo, RFS, and mail handling, and with our team of experienced cargo professionals, we stand ready to support your cargo handling needs today. Whether your needs are manpower support, or full service cargo handling, and anything in between, we are your go-to

Air General - Quality Cargo Handling Services

Air Cargo Services

Import and Export Cargo Handling
Import and Export Cargo Handling

Air General provides all import and export handling needs whether it be document handling, cargo agents and/or warehouse handling. Our highly trained and experienced staff are ready to handle your specialized cargo such as live animals, high value products, human remains, dangerous goods, perishables, pharmaceuticals and more.

24/7 Mail Handling Services
24/7 Mail Handling Services

If you need full USPS mail handling with 24/7 coverage, call us. We will take care of all mail scanning requirements, and deliver on-time, high mail scan performance at any location.

Cargo Security Screening
Cargo Security Screening

Air General understands what it takes to make sure cargo is safe to fly and in compliance with all TSA, Customs, and other Government rules and regulations. At our larger locations the cargo screening teams work independently of our other cargo agents so they can focus on cargo security. We utilize modern equipment and highly trained personnel to ensure we meet this very important requirement.

Customs Bonded Warehouse
Customs Bonded Warehouse

We handle Container Freight Station (CFS) shipments and consolidations at all of our bonded warehouses throughout the U.S. Our U.S. Foreign Trade Zone operation in the Port of Tampa will meet your unique and specific requirements for imported merchandise.

Cargo Compliance and Safety
Cargo Compliance and Safety

Our expert corporate team oversees all the various safety training programs of the many airlines we represent. We ensure implementation and strict compliance of all governmental regulations relative to cargo handling and cargo security. Your high priority for safety and security is our constant focus.

Charters and Freighters
Charters & Freighters

Air General also provides ad hoc charter handling services and freighter handling.

Dangerous Goods Handling
Dangerous Goods Handling

We have certified and experienced personnel handling and checking your dangerous goods shipments and documentation. Dangerous Goods qualified agents are carefully selected and are sent to required airline courses and of our own rigorous course.

On Forwarding Trucking
Local Pick Up and Delivery

At various locations we offer local pickup and delivery services for you and your customers. Please contact the respective manager for details and rates.

Other Core Services

Air General Offers

  • Air Cargo Consulting Services
  • Cargo Accounting
  • Cargo Palletization
  • Cargo Sales Support
  • Freighter Handling
  • Full Service Cargo Training
  • Heavy Lift and Oversized Cargo Handling
  • Labor Contracts
  • Special Cargo Projects
  • Line Haul, Drayage, Running
Air Cargo Consulting